I have been spending a lot of time on Instagram (@ninasbeautymark) and learning the ins and outs of the site. I don’t spend too much time on Facebook anynore, simply because it doesn’t interest me anymore.

Anywho, my page is mostly about beauty products, mainly cosmetics but I throwdown on hair every now and then. I’ve been contacted about promoting my page a couple times and it comes with a fee. I considered it at one point but then I was thinking, is it really that serious or can I get followers in my own?

I haven’t replied back or took advantage of their offers but I discovered MUA (Stands for ‘makeup artist’ in case some don’t know) Trains works incredibly well and best of all, it’s FREE. They’re really simple and actually fun discovering new talents or styles that inspire you.

So here’s how it works: you see someone post up MUA Train. They post the rules but for the most part, they list who to follow in Step one. Step two is to comment with your IG name. Step three is the scroll through the comments and check out other pages, following those who interest you. That’s it!

There’s this one post I seen which is new to me. It’s similar to the train only you comment describing your best look that you created on your page. Scroll through the comments to see what other looks other people are posting. Check out the ones that interest you, then go back to that post and comment something nice about a picture someone posted, even if it’s not the look they described.

I just did that yesterday and it was so much fun checking out other people’s work, complimenting them and getting likes back. I got so many new followers in just a ten minute window. I followed quite a bit back too lol.

But it’s fun and a really easy, quick way to boost your followers. I support all up and coming MUAs and MUEs (makeup enthusiasts) so if you have a page up on Instagram, check me out. If you follow me, I follow back. It doesn’t even have to be about makeup. I follow fitness, food, photography, whatever your interests are. I like to see new things.

Have a good day 🙂