I was really excited when I got word of this line coming out by Lorac. Call me crazy but I think I was more excited about creating a look with this palette inspired by the movie. Maybe not necessarily identical to one of the characters but just a look by the feel. I hope I accomplished that look.

The eyeshadows come in both matte and shimmering. I did a swatch of a few of them as well as all the colors from the cheek palette and the three lip shades that I currently have. I really like the eyeshadow palette because I can work with those colors. The cheek palette is really really light on me. I had to use an extremely light layer of color from the cheek palette. The lip shades were ok too. They have a soft look to them on me. I really like the color Sparrow. It gives off a pearly purple on me which I love. But I tried all three in the video I uploaded to my YouTube Channel. 

You can see for yourself down below.