Having curly hair can have it’d good and bad days. Mostly bad if you don’t know how to take care of it. I’ve been struggling with my curls since I could remember. Like others, I did research, asked questions each visit to the salon and just went off of my own personal experience as to what just works. I’ve turned to finding products outside of drugstore aisles and reading reviews from social media.

I recently discovered the brand DevaCurl. It was this or Ouidad, which is another popular line for curly hair. From fast glance, I seen Ouidad had more product options than DevaCurl, and seeings how I don’t like to be presented with too many options, I went with the one with less products. I made that decision because I figured, if a company has less products to offer, these products must be able to do the job of many.  It was cheaper too. They both have their own ‘curly haircut’ technique that you follow up with their products to maintain the healthy look of your curls.

I purchased the trial set to see if I’d work for me in the first place, because as most would agree, curly hair is not cheap to maintain. So before I went to spending a whole of of money on a product that I was unsure of, I started with a beginner’s pack. The trial set came with a ‘No-poo’, conditioner and a styling cream. Separate from the pack, I purchased the No-Comb Detangler, Buildup Buster, Ultra Defining Gel and products for wavy hair for my girls.


The No-poo adds moisture and I noticed that it doesn’t lather like my other shampoos. It smelled nice too. I washed my hair like normal, massaging at the scalp and then rinsing. I then used the Buildup Buster which is supposed to, as it says, it cleanses away any buildup from using too many products. I don’t usually use gel or hairspray, mainly because of the chemicals in them and I don’t like my hair to have that ‘stiff’ feel to it. However, I do use a lot of styling creams, hair grease and detangler sprays, that do tend to build up over time, so I was excited to feel the difference after first use. With the Buildup Booster, the tip makes it easy to apply to the scalp, so that the product isn’t fighting the rest of your hair to get there. And then lastly I used the conditioner. All three products smelled really nice and I could tell they synced well with the previous product. I like using products from the same line for the very reason.

After the shower, I used the DevaCurl Styling Cream. Along with the nice smell as the others, it was very light and I found myself using quite a bit to distribute throughout my hair. I like the effect it gave my hair. I prefer to air dry my hair and my curls were looking good so I was happy. Big thumbs up! I was happy to finally find the answers to my curly hair needs. I even used the No-Comb Detangler for touch ups.

Then one day, that’s all I used; just to see what it would look like. I wet my hair before applying the detangler. No issues. It looked great. But then as it dried, my hair looked really bad. It looked dry from using just the detangler alone. So I added the Defining Gel. I applied evenly and it looked good, but like other gels, it made my hair feel ‘crunchy’. I wasn’t a fan. The difference between the gel and the styling cream is the gel made my hair feel ‘stiff’ and ‘weighed down’. While the cream was a more natural hold,  my hair started to feel ‘waxy’. So I’d wash it out with the same routine, as explained about. The more I washed and used these products, the more I noticed the waxy feel of my hair.


On my girls’ hair, I used the same products except their products are meant for wavy textured hair. Their style cream is called Wave Maker and their gel is Light Defining Gel. I noticed after first use of the styling products, I noticed the waxy feel to their hair too.  It wasn’t buildup that I was worried about at this point, it was the feel of our hair. I couldn’t get that ‘gooky feel’ washed out and I started to worry. So I went to the salon to see if they could wash it out and the stylist did a detox on my hair. I noticed a big difference and returned the DevaCurl products as soon as I bought them. I plan on taking my girls to the same stylist so the same can be done to their hair.

I started with the trial sized products but after the first few days of use, I decided to buy the 32oz products. I didn’t notice the change in my hair until almost two weeks after beginning my DevaCurl journey. I was pretty bummed because I had heard so many good things about this line and was disappointed to find that it didn’t work for me or my girls. Now I didn’t want to jump to conclusions about the products; maybe I just wasn’t doing it right? No. The stylist explained to me that it wasn’t me but the products themselves. She’s had clients with similar experience and introduced me to another line, which I will blog about separately.

Overall, the cleansing and conditioning products smell wonderful. The Buildup Buster is a great tool too. But the styling products, I wasn’t a big fan of for my hair. My hair didn’t feel soft and while it looked good, it didn’t have that natural hold I was looking for. On a windy day I came in looking not very good. It’s common for a line to work for one group and not for another so I didn’t feel too bad to get my money back so I could go elsewhere for what does work for my hair.