It’s that time if year again when high schoolers have a night of glam and fun – Prom night. A night when the ladies get to wear their hair and makeup in a dramatic look, different from their daily routine. I, personally never been to prom. But I felt like doing my makeup as if I were. A look that I wouldn’t mind my own girls wearing to their prom (though that is years away from now).

I thought back to when I was in high school. What did I wear, what brands could I afford, and what colors didn’t make me look too much older than I actually was but still allowed me to give off that ‘Wow’. Where did I go for my brands?

Well, I’d be shopping at a drugstore like Walgreens, Target or Walmart for my makeup. My favorite brands were Cover Girl, Maybelline, and to be really fancy I got Lancome. I wore mostly browns but for dress up I liked to wear purples or burgundy.

So I went and gathered colors from these brands and created a look I thought I could see myself wearing, if I, or when my girls, were to go to prom.  Definitely something not too grown up but again, still enough to give that ‘wow’.

For my hair I put it halfway up and half down using a ‘bumpit’ from my wedding. The dress I wore from a past military ball that I still have. What do you think? You can see how and what products I used to get this look by clicking here to be directed to my channel.