Hey everyone! Thanks for stopping by. This is going over DuWop Cosmetics Rotating Map Palette.  I’ve never heard of the brand. I just came across it on Google while searching for the most recent Pirates of the Caribbean Palette by Lorac. (Which I still got btw but that’s another video)

Anywho, the box was huge!  I just thought it was the wrapping. But no, it really is that big. It’s bigger than Lorac’s Pirate of the Carribean palette but don’t let the size fool you.

The outside looks really cool. Bright, eye catching and gives the impression that you’re about to get to looking like an actor from the movie…Wrong.

Even though the colors of everything look cool, so colorful, the only things vibrant in this thing is the lip glosses and the eyeliners. 


The eyeshadows are extremely sheer and hard to see. I even applied a really good primer and the colors still didn’t stand out. 

Here are swatches of the eyeshadows:

The color wheel turns which is different for a palette. I get it’s supposed to go along with the movie but just speaking in terms of a makeup palette. It doesn’t take too much to turn it but know it’s not too easy that when you go in for the colors, it won’t be turning on you. 

For almost $40 you’re paying for the looks, the size, turning ability, 3 lip glosses and 3 eyeliners. The eyeshadows are there for decoration. I can see this being a collector’s​ item or for show. For the colors that actually show up, honestly you can find similar colors for cheaper.  

For the live review, click here to see it on my YouTube channel.