I hope everyone is having a good Easter Sunday. Mine is going ok. We’re going to color eggs for the first time ever. We usually don’t but figured we give it a go.

I been thinking about what look to create for today. Since I’m just getting started with the whole blogging thing, I was wanting to do something fun. I got this new palette (surprised right?), and it has pastel colors that would go great for Easter. So I decided to create something with that.

Now, a secret to my YouTube videos is, I honestly never know what look I’m going to create until I actually start filming. Crazy right? I mean, I make it up as I go, and if it looks good, I roll with it. Just matching up colors that in my Indian would look good together. Then at the end is when I make my introduction.

I chose Pür Cosmetics Trolls Palette. My kids loved the movie and I was excited when I saw there was a palette inspired by it. Any new makeup inspired by a good movie that I’ve seen before I’m probably going to be curious to try.

Like Lorac’s Pirate of the Carribean makeup line is coming out. I totally pre ordered into that lol. And in case you’re old enough to know who Lisa Frank is, she’s collaborated with Glamour Dolls cosmetics for a make up line too. Which I also invested into that. *Jeje*

But today I used the Trolls Palette. I’m really happy with how it turned out. Just like most of the other new palettes I’ve tried, the colors are very vibrant. And they blend well together. I tried to create something along pastel colors but would also be inspired from the movie if they were to celebrate it in the movie itself.

I hope you like it as much as I do.

Happy Easter! 🐇❤️