Another successful video up. This whole posting video takes a bit to get started. I did a video using Tarte’s Tartellette in Bloom palette. I’ve used it before but this is my first full video on it.

I like the colors. They’re not bold but they can still make your eyes pop. They’re more along the warm, nuetral colors but with attitude. The store bought products, I remember I can barely make out any difference in my looks. But with this palette, you can tell I meant business.

Blending is not hard to do with this palette. I feel like it takes me back to my ‘barely there’s makeup but this time, I can really use the colors to my advantage and show a more deep look with browns.

This video is also my first time using concealer and actually having a use for it. Usually I don’t wear concealer or foundation or anything else on .Y face unless it’s moisturizer or blush. Applying highlighter is very new to me as well. But I think I’m starting to enjoy the look Glow powders give off.

For your own Tarte Tartellete in Bloom Palette click here to be directed to Tarte’s website.