First of all, where did the term ‘haul’ even come from? I’ve seen others use the term a d I’m thinking “Are you moving? You got so much makeup you gotta haul it”? I clicked to see what they were talking about and discovered they just meant they went on a really big shopping spree for makeup. So here’s my ‘shopping spree’ that I’ve done recently.

Ive purchased from makeup to skin care and even got a straightening brush. The last items that I’ve ordered are just trickling in and I should have everything by early next week. I’m just so curious what all the hype is if some of these products. Some I seen an just had a vision for my next look. I’m so used to the warm colors that I’m curious to try more bold and pastels. Especially with Easter just around the corner, there’s a few colors I’d like to try.

Some of the items I just purchased is new lashes from a company called Holly Lashes which I really like because if and when I wear false lashes, I usually go for those that look ‘natural’. I’ve now expanded to the dramatic looks and playing around with what effects they give and I must say I’m enjoying myself with them.

A bit more products from Tarte with their limited rainbow edition products. I even got their unicorn brushes just because they were different from my other brushes. You can see them on my home page as the cover photo. Most all my brushes are black. These brushes are colorful and the handles are that of a unicorn. I found it fun and new so I decided to purchase them to see what it was about. I haven’t used them yet but I plan on it. Soon.

Have you heard Lisa Frank has collaborated with Glamour Dolls? I’ve never heard of the company but I seen a post from a friend that Lisa Frank makeup was coming soon. I was such a big fan back in the 90’s that I couldn’t help but loose myself​when I seen that. It’s not out yet but I did help fund the project and I’ll be getting those products when they start shipping them this fall.

I seen BH Cosmetics on one of the makeup artists I follow on Instagram and immediately fell in love with the look that I had to check them out myself. I got not one, not two, but three palettes! “Take me to Brazil”, “Supernova” and “Galaxy Chic”. All three have seriously bold and bright colors. I’ve tried two of them so far. Haven’t been able to post a YouTube video yet because for now I’ve been using my phone for videos and I don’t have enough space. The colors are so pigmented that I don’t need that much on my brush. The only one I haven’t tried yet is the Brazil palette.

In the midst of the cosmetics purchases, I even got a straighting brush from Asavea. Never heard of the company but they had some really good reviews so i decided to give it a go. I’ve tried it out and again tried to make a YouTube video but no space on my phone. So I’m on the market to fix that.

For skincare I just ordered Unicorn Essence by Farsali. It’s pink and the reviews say it smells amazing. I also seen it acts as a primer which is cool because I’ve been using the same face primer that I’m curious to try others. I already have Farsali’s Gold Elixir. It adds moisture and so I add it to my daily moisturizer but so far I haven’t seen any new noticeable results from using it. I do noticed that my skin has a more oily look to it when I wake up in the morning because I added it to my nightly routine. Ive seen slight break out coming through also and it just started when I started to add the gold elixir to my routine. I use every to every other night to see if it’s the elixir but I just started doing that so I couldn’t say if that the cause of not.

Once I fix my “YouTube recording” problem I will post a video of this new haul. It will be fixed here momentarily and when I do you won’t want to miss it because I’ve really got a whole new line up lol.

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**UPDATE: I’ve fixed the YouTube thing and have posted more videos. I still plan on posting one of my new products. Be sure to subscribe​ so you can see what new videos I have planned next :)**