Since I’m just starting off on the blog thing, I figured I’d have to blog everyday to get caught up with all these other bloggers so I could get more viewers. But then I actually was able to take a min and sit down. And realized these blogs don’t always come everyday. These are moments when and if I get the chance to record a thought. 

I still have to figure out how to get these blogs posted. They post on the app “behind the scenes”. But when I go to my site they’re not there. More work to do another time. 

Since the kids were sick I haven’t had much to take care of or blog or vlog on YouTube. So tomorrow I have to play catch up in ‘life’. Places to go, things to mail

 I actually got so caught up in my online shopping splurge that I mistakenly bought two NARS Loaded palettes. Oops. Jeje. So I have to return one. 

Hoping I can fix this whole blog thing so my posts will actually show up. I’m excited to do something that I’ve been wanting to do for a while now just hadn’t had the time to start. And now that I’m finally making the move, it’s not exactly starting off the way I had envisioned. Lol.