I’ve definitely been doing the online shopping splurge thing. I’ve been expanding my Instagram following list and the looks I see others are creating are fabulous! 

So there’s this new app I’ve discovered called Ebates and I must say that’s come in handy. Depending on the site, you get X% cash back so I don’t feel as bad as if I wasn’t getting cash back. However, I must say, I wish I discovered that app earlier. I’ve been on an online rampage since the new year. Ive also been able to add it to my tools bar on my computer. Whenever I go to a site that sells something, somehow that little ‘Ebates tool’ knows when it’s a qualified site and it lets me know I can save X%, click to activate. So that’s cool. If I decide to buy that is lol.

Good news is I’m starting to slow down with my purchases because I’m starting to have more new products than I have time to try and post. I also do the mom thing, the house thing, and here soon will be doing the school thing. So I plan on simmering down on the shopping thing, for now. Till the holidays 😁